About Elise Chidley


As an avid reader of YA, I love visiting the fierce and terrifying worlds of warrior teens battling unreasonable regimes in dysfunctional future or fantasy universes. I especially like being beautiful, dangerous girls like Katniss and Katsa for an hour or two before bed. I’ve become expert with all kinds of imaginary weapons: swords, bows and arrows, even wands. When that kind of gritty life wears me out, I retire to the cozy world of gentle British romantic humor. I love being Lizzie Bennett, of course, but also Rebecca Bloomwood and Bridget Jones–because there’s nothing like a good laugh and a happy ending when you’re tired of being able to kill a man with your bare hands and/or hunting food for your starving family.

When I’m not living in the heads of fictional people created by other writers, I’m inhabiting the lives of my own cast of characters. It’s quite a responsibility, but so worth it when they finally pull themselves together and do their best work!

I was born in Swaziland (bet you don’t know what continent that’s on), followed my British boyfriend over to the States, and have been here ever since. I live in rural Connecticut, close enough to a railroad station that we can walk to catch a train to New York, but deep enough in the woods that we are kept awake at night sometimes by a lonely coyote.green-eyed-brad-1